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Founded by headphone pioneers and music professionals, in a pursuit of creative, innovative cutting-edge
technology, FIIL offers complete user oriented wireless headphone. With a full product line including On-ear,
Over-ear, In-ear, neck band and TWS, FIIL dedicates to provide headphons integrated with comfort, design,
quality, convenience, decent, fashion and entertainment.
In general,FIIL aims to bring superior sound experience to end users. Create a global community, break
isolation between people, connect FIIL headphone users to each other, artists, celebrities, athletes,
via social media, events.
FIII provides more than a headphone, but arts, technology, community.
We are FIIL.The art of audio.


Brand Owner : Fengfan(Beijing)Technology Co.,Ltd

Manufacturer: Jiangxi Feier Technology Co., Ltd

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