FIIL Wireless
Wireless Hi-Fi Headphones
Remarkable Product Quality

Aviation-grade aluminum alloy surface boasts extraordinary color

performance on FIIL Wireless. 5N lateral clamp force plus slow-rebounding

retentive memory foam accommodates your ears comfortably.

Professional Music Performance

Despite being wireless, FIIL Wireless boasts professional audio quality

by virtue of its apt-X / AAC codecs and near lossless Bluetooth transmission.

Moreover, it features DSP technology and is able to produce enhanced sound effects

through excellent optimization and debugging.

Wireless’s Stereo 3D Enhancement technology creates spacious sound field,

allowing you to relish the magic of a stereo field.

Sound Quality is Never
the Business of Speakers

In addition to the core speaker, the circuit system of the headphones,

coupled with bass boost audios + double-damping

and double-rear-chamber acoustic system creates amazing sound.

Amazing Reproduction of Every Detail

FIIL Wireless’s comparison with the original acoustic waveform has confirmed its reduction degree

and sound presence. The stereo sound effect of Wireless gives you on-site listening experience.

As a perfect blend of art and technology, FIIL Wireless enables you to feel the emotions of music better.

Active Noise Cancelling

FIIL Wireless can eliminate up to 85% of the ambient noise.

Now you can enjoy your time in peace.

Touch Control

In the past, you have to take out your phone to skip tracks.

Thanks to the built-in sensor in FIIL Wireless,

now all you have to do is slide on the earmuff.

The Design Meant More Than Appearance

FIIL Wireless has won the prestigious iF Design Award and Reddot Award not just for its luxurious appearance

but also its comfortable wearing experience.The memory foam and silky protein leather between FIIL

and your ears offers matchless softness and extreme comfort.

FIIL+ Companion APP

OTA upgrade: get updated experience with your FIIL Wireless

Style: choose among prominent treble, balanced frequencies, and enhanced bass

Easy burn-in: manage the headphone burn-in process to reach its best status.

All in FIIL+ APP.