Wireless Noise-cancelling Headphones

MAF™ Noise-adjusting

Customize your listening experience with the MAF toggle.

Music, underground, conversation, wind, cicadas singing…

Listen to what you want and block what you don’t want.

Noise-cancelling Mode

FIIL Diva is able to cancel as much as 96% of low-frequency noise.In the Noise Cancelling mode, the built-in chip creates anoise-cancelling wave that is 180° out of the phase with theambient noise, thus gives you quietness even when you are on a metro or a plane.

Monitor Mode

Dislike the noise on a bus yet hate to miss the station reporting?

FIIL Diva already has a solution.

The Monitor mode is able to block low-frequency noise

and allow in mid-to-high-frequency human voice.

Open Mode

Safety first! The Open mode allows in all ambient noise

so that you can hear everything clearly with your headphones on.

Wind Mode

Wind mode removes noise caused by wind

and makes sure all you hear is music in windy environments.

Touch Control

Now headphones have touch control as well. You no longer bother to

take out your phone every time you feel like skipping tracks. FIIL

Diva has built-in sensor in the right earmuff allowing you to

adjust volumes and skip tracks simply by a slide.

Automatic Play / Pause

Take off your headphones, the music will pause automatically,

all MAF™ modes will be terminated, and power-saving mode activates.

Put on your headphones, the music will continue where it paused,

and the MAF™ mode will be restored.

Authentic Music and Astounding Detail

FIIL Diva features bass booster + double damping patented double-rear-chamber acoustics system.

There’s no unnecessary low-frequency rendering nor non-existing beats.

Diva only seeks to faithfully present the tiniest detail of the original sound.

CD-Like Quality Wireless Audio

FIIL Diva uses Bluetooth 4.1 and supports apt-X codec,

which minimises latency and delivers CD-like quality audio.

Diva can also be connected to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

33-hour Playback

FIIL Diva is able to play 33 hours non-stop.

A 5-minute charge equals 3.6 hours’ playtime.

Even when the battery runs out, you can as well use the cable to resume.

Ergonomic Design

We built a model based on the skull-shapes of ten thousands of people

and invited thousands of people to test their wearing experience.

After hundreds of times of optimization, we decided a clamping fore of 4N

and 48° included angle between earmuffs. Silk protein leather and memory foam

are only to make FIIL Diva even more comfortable to wear.

FIIL+ Companion APP

OTA upgrade: get updated experience with your FIIL Diva

Style: choose among prominent treble, balanced frequencies, and enhanced bass

Easy burn-in: manage the headphone burn-in process to reach its best status.

All in FIIL+ APP.